The gruesome foursome was initiated in the year Y2K by Ploegbaas (drums) and Bastærd (vox/guitars) to establish a rejuvenated brand of Hyper Aggressive Deathmetal with an unearthly definition of 'Heavy'. In 2002 the debut album 'Slachtbeest' was recorded in Excess studios and upon its release Brutus embarked on an extensive European tour with Macabre and Cephalic Carnage. Soon after this endeavour the Bastærd announced his retirement from deathmetal. Meanwhile 'Slachtbeest' was getting killer reviews in the media worldwide. Bastaerd completed the set of confirmed gigs before being replaced by 'Vlerk'. In September of 2005 Brutus went on yet another European Adventure, touring over 3 weeks with fellow Unique Leader artists Mortal Decay and Beheaded, as well as doing tons of local shows opening for the likes of Morbid Angel, Nile, Vader and Suffocation. When Brutus was in the middle of the recordings for the highly anticipated follow up "Murwgebeukt/TotalLoss" Plowboss, who had been struggling with his inner demons, decided to end his time on earth. Since then the band has had a hard time getting to grips with the fact that the fuel had gushed from the machine. Schoft eventually became touring guitarist for bands such as Satyricon and Belphegor, but the band did perform a few select shows between 2008 and 2010, WITH Bastaerd returning on guitar, playing festivals such as Neurotic Deathfest and Wacken Open Air. Brutus have been carving at their second full length album “Murwgebeukt / Total Loss” since even before the tragic suicide of drummer ‘Ploegbaas’ in 2006. Now the time has finally arrived for this violent epic piece of aggression to be delivered to the outside world. The concept of the 54 minute venture deals with the life and misery of an entity that is cheated into mortal existence… burdened, afflicted and finally martyred by it. Ploegbaas was fully responsible for the lyrics and artistic concept, leaving the remaining members to complete the opus from his blueprint. The furious vocals are delivered atop an intense slab of double bass driven death metal of the heaviest kind, grooving its way through one classic riff after another. Ferocious bottom end brutality not easily compared to any other act in the genre. Distilling diversity from monotony. In the coming months all the details concerning the long awaited release of "Murwgebeukt" will be revealed and monotony will receive a new definition.