Corpus Mortale


Corpus Mortale was founded in early 1993 by Nicholas Masch?ln(drums) and S?ren Jensen(guitar). After some line-up changes Martin Rosendahl(vocals & bass) joined in Spring 1994. At the time the band was kind of a hobby band, nevertheless, a demo-tape was recorded in May 1995. The tape received positive reactions in the underground press, and the band went on with more serious intentions! After playing a couple of shows, the band recruited a fourth member. Morten Jensen joined the band early in 1996. Only three months later the band went to the studio, to record their second demo, the mcd "Integration". This time the band got even better recognition, and the full pressing of 800 copies was sold out in 7 months.

The following years (1997-1999) was spent playing shows both in Denmark and Germany, and composing new material. S?ren and Morten grew tired of Corpus Mortale, and after the crashed album attempt "Spiritism", they decided to leave! While searching for replacements, Martin and Nicholas continued to write new songs, and when Brian Eriksen (guitar & vocals) and Jens Lee (guitar) joined in September, it didn?t take long before the band was ready for the recording of their final official demo. The mcd "Succumb To The Superior" was recorded and released, and once again the critics were overwhelming! Loads of good reviews, interviews and a couple of (unfortunately bad!?!) contract offers.

In the summer of 2001 Jens Lee left the band due to lack of time and dedication. Just a few months later Roar Christoffersen (guitar) joins in and in December the label-only "Sombre And Vile"mcd, was conceived! Once more, only bad contract offers occurred!

In the summer of 2003 Brian was no longer into playing metal no more, he left a few months later. The year of 2003 was spent shopping the album "With Lewd Demeanor"! A couple of quite interesting offers slipped right through, but in the end? in October 2003 the bands signed a contract with Dutch label Neurotic Records ! The album was released on 23rd of November, just 10 days after the band had returned from a 12 date European tour.

Material for the second album "A New Species of Deviant" has been written after that, and has now been recorded completely. This album will see the light of day through Neurotic Records in mid 2007. Corpus Mortale is currently looking for a proper guitar player! Mads Haarl?v will fill in on the rhytm guitar spot as a session member, until a replacement shows up!