Creation Is Crucifixion


Creation is Crucifixion was formed in early 1997 in Pittsburgh, PA. The goal of this grouping was to combine the experiments being conducted by the Carbon Defense League tactical media arts group with current Critical Theory analysis. The result being a maximum interdisciplinary experience through a revived cyberpunk-esque mechanism that was seen as lacking in the punk/hardcore scene at the time. The original lineup, while completing noise projects and experimentations alongside more structured sounds, began working with the highly respected King of the Monsters Records(Man is the Bastard, The Locust, Reversal of Man, Puritan, Suicide Nation, Prevail,...) from Phoenix, AZ. It was on this label that CIC released their first 7" "Dethrone or Devour." Recording was sloppy, but the fire was lit. Creation is Crucifixion had put a stake in the ground claiming allegiance to a new breed of techno theory / noise/ metal / media activism.

Creation spent the next 8 months working on their first full length "In_Silico" originally released on King of the Monsters in 1998 and later by Cyberdine243 and finally remastered and rereleased by Scorched Earth Policy in 2000. This was followed up with a release on Willowtip Records; a split 7" with Fate of Icarus. This was the first release by Willowtip Records, a label that has grown tremendously in size and now serves as one of the premiere grind labels in the U.S. Creation was quick to release a second split 7" on Cyberdine243 with Suicide Nation. This was another first release for a record label that continues to gain recognition for their lineup. These releases then fed into several tours. The first tour was over a month long in the summer of 1998. CIC was accompanied on this tour by Suicide Nation. Then came a short winter tour in 1998/99 with Fate of Icarus. Following this tour, Creation began to write and record for a split 7" with Unruh also released through Willowtip Records, as well as a 4 song EP "Automata". "Automata" was more of a showcase of CIC's noise and experimental ability's than any of their previous work. "Automata" came into being originally as a release by Cyberdine243 in 1999, until the release was bought by Willowtip Records to gain better distribution. CIC's second summer tour was another month long U.S. tour in the summer of 2000. In that same year, Creation went back into the studio to rerecord the songs from their 3 split 7"'s, released as a clear miniCD through Willowtip Records in early 2001. It was in this year that Creation completed another small winter tour as well as a month long U.S. tour, only to then pack up and make their first trek to Europe in May 2001.

In Germany, CIC recorded for what would be there seminal release to date, "Child as Audience." This release was self published in book form with 3 new Creation songs, a complex array of subtle noise, voiceovers by the international critical theory group Critical Art Ensemble, and software constructed for an earlier Hactivist/CDL project. This was the first release to inaugurate the newly formed Hactivist Media portion of the organization. CIC then relocated to San Francisco, CA. In August 2001, CIC released "Destructivist;" a 71 minute noise only experiment for the group. In September,2001 Creation left SF for a 5 month tour including 2 months in Europe. In Germany, CIC recorded two new tracks for a future release on Robotic Empire..

CIC currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA, Troy, NY, and San Diego, CA. Their drummer shares time between CIC and Cattle Decapitation. New material is being written slowly and CIC is on hiatus from playing shows for the time being while they develop their new concepts.