Dim Mak


Dim Mak's first release for Willowtip, Knives of Ice, is technically precise and aggressively profound. The record contains ten songs of unrelenting force, and each of them channels the revolting horror of obscure worlds into a tornado of sound. Tracks such as "Incident at the Temple of Leng," Monolith," "Weakener," and Knives of Ice" are instant classics of metal fury. Dim Mak draw upon elements that made the band's members underground legends in their previous bands (Ripping Corpse, Skinless), yet Knives of Ice is entirely unique as it reshapes those elements into music that resembles fatal weaponry.

Dim Mak's newest album further expands on the dynamics and fluidity that were so prevalent on Knives Of Ice.  The Emergence Of Reptilian Altars is classic Dim Mak: intricate multi-speed song structures played with high-velocity aggression.

Dim Mak is:
Shaune Kelley: Guitar
Scott Hornick: Bass
John Longstreth: Drum
Joey Capizzi: Vocals