Electro Quarterstaff


Instrumental triple-axe shred team from the northern Canadian plains fully loaded with brain cancer string manipulations and bacon sizzling concussions of percussion. While never a stranger to expansive dynamics, Electro Quarterstaff explores its own fertile garden of shimmery snakecharming melody, groaning seasick harmony, and freewheeling rhythmic explosions in hopes to entrance the most assertive of listeners into a tangled symphony of sludge and frantic fretboard disembowelment. Absorbing influences as disparate as Zappa and Gorguts along the way, Electro Quarterstaff remains a progressively-minded entity focused on visceral songcraft and layered, polyphonic instrumentation that highlights the seamless integration of wide-eyed romantic melody within a framework of orchestral complexity and devious song structure. We refuse to adhere to any musical rulebook and actively strive for bulletproof musicianship and hypnotizing fluidity.
Mountains of charming riffs are waiting to enchant you.

Electro Quarterstaff is:
Dan Ryckman - Blasterbation
Josh Bedry - Guitar
Drew Johnston - Guitar
Andrew Dickens - Guitar