I can't remember what I was on but I was on something , Blair was passing out and falling over tables way before we even went on and Matt and Kurt were being typical drunk rednecks in an uproar , so we hit the stage , oh yhea I snorted a bunch of coke , that was it , any way we start playing Kurt has this borrowed 5150 peavy piece of shit that sounded gay, I'm on the floor getting barrelled over by a three man moshpit (mosh pits with less people hurt more cause of the running room) Kurt had completly abandoned trying to play his guitar and instead was pissing about with torturing feedback while i got slammed in the back by a flying knee for the fourteenth time , Blair sarted kicking the monitors off the stage and throwing the mic stands at the floor and eventually couldn't stand up so he just slumped over and mumbled into the mic kurt decided to kick blair full force in the ribs which snapped blair into a manic rage and he grabbed kurt and flipped him over his back off the stage and onto some people, at this point the soundguy came running up and started unplugging the amps , matt starts freaking out and starts throwing his large drum sticks at him , at this point all hell broke loose , more than a few bottles and glasses hit the stage, my bass is still plugged in so I start tossing it around and manage to knock a table full of beer over (thankfully friends) Blair is now completely sprawled out on stage, the sound guy is screaming at matt while matt ignores him and plays a bunch of hits , Jesse of Tendonitis is screaming at me and saying he will never play with us again and there was these huge Blasphemey hoodied thugs that looked at us like we were aliens, I don't know how it all ended for the rest of the guys but I threw my bass at some monitors and walked directly to the bar and asked for my free band beer , and suprisingly , got it , this whole episode started right from the get go and lasted about ten miniutes , I drank my beer, was informed that we would not be playing there again , which was a joke as we ended up on a gig a few months later , I went home without even packing my gear and we had to come get it the next day , I awoke the next day with clogged nostrils and a bruised back and the realization that we were now the most unpopular band in the local scene , horrible , horrible show , someone has this on Video , there was a camera there recording it.