Illogicist is a violent sonic combination of technical ability, rhythmic asymetry, melodic sickness and lyrical frustration created to reflect a dynamic and emotional vision of suffering and introspection. Illogicists inner core was born in summer 1997 as a project of guitarist Luca Minieri and drummer Remy Curtaz. Their immediate goal was to write music capable to reflect their own artistical direction, and to find strong musicians to complete the line-up. In the meanwhile bassist Roberto Zeppa was joining the band and the trio began finalizing music for its debut release. A few weeks before the studio sessions, former Nefarium guitarist Fabio Filippone was joining the ranks, completing the now-four-piece line-up. Polymorphism Of Death, recorded at One Voice Studio with Daniele Giordana, represents the first official output by Illogicist.

After recording POD Roberto Zeppa and Fabio Filippone left the band. Diego Ambrosi (guitar) and Emilio Dattolo (bass) joined the band and the line-up became stronger and stable. New music was written in order to increase sonic violence and technical intent, and after a long period of reharsal and some live gigs, Illogicist started a new recording session at One Voice Studio in late October 2002. The result of this session was a new mcd titled Dissonant Perspectives.

After a strong promotion in the italian uderground scene, mainly accomplished with live performances, Illogicist signed a deal for his debut full-lenght album with the american label Crash Music Inc, ex Pavement Music. Remy Curtaz came back behind drums after a short time of absence, new songs were written and the band realised a new recording session in november 2003 at Luca Minieris own Dissonant Studio. After recording session the band flew to Helsinki in December 2003 to mix and master at legendary Finnvox Studios, with Mikko Karmila and Mika Jussila,the album titled Subjected, released by Crash Music Inc. in July 2004.

After hiring new drummer Sergio Ponti the band played extensively around Italy and Europe in gigs and festivals with bands like Dismember and the like.The band, now in a stable and powerful line-up, is currently writing the music for its second album, whose recording sessions will take place in January 2007.