For more than a decade since 1997, the dank corners of Oakland, California have been plagued by a goretet of madmen bent on perverting goodwill to ill-will, virtue to violence, and kindness to killing. They have sought nothing less than the complete destruction of all that is good. The world has rued the day that Impaled came to be.

Begat by guitarist/vocalist Sean McGrath and joined by drummer Raul Varela, Impaled created an ethic to destroy the weak, the sick, the frail, the poseurs. The pair enlisted the services of Leon del Muerte on guitar and vocals and Ross Sewage on bass and vocals to create a line-up that would take the underground by storm.

After the release of the absolutely putrid demo, "From Here to Colostomy," Impaled was quickly regarded as a force of gore to be reckoned with. A split 7" with hydro-grinders Cephalic Carnage solidified Impaled's infamy, and they were soon the first death metal band signed to kvlt black metal label, Necropolis Records.

The year 2000 saw the release of Impaled's first record, "The Dead Shall Dead Remain," and vomit spilled forth from the aisles of record stores all over the world. A U.S. tour with death metal heavyweights Nile followed and Impaled found their brand of malfeasance to be celebrated from shore to bloody shore.

In 2001, refusing to rest on their laurels, Impaled followed up their demolishing full-length debut with a one-two-three-four punch. In that year, they recorded a split 7" with the moshtastic Engorged, covered tracks for Impetigo and Carcass tribute CDs, released the infamous "Choice Cuts" EP whose cover saw censure worldwide, and toured the U.S. again with Skinless, Origin, and Vader.

Leon del Muerte departed the gruesome foursome soon thereafter and was replaced by guitarist/vocalist Andrew LaBarre. After honing their skills, the sonic deviltry Impaled created was set onto wax with Necropolis Records release of 2002's "Mondo Medicale." Banned in 84 countries for excessive violence and sickness, this release was revered by the metal community and reviled by the public. Impaled performed nationally once again with Incantation and a trail of offal and chum was left in their wake.

The follow up EP, 2003's Medical Waste, included unreleased tracks and Impaled's first gory music video. It was met with universal scorn and condemned as an abomination against humanity. The same year, Impaled composed a tale too horrible for one band to tell, so Spain's Haemorrhage rose to the occasion and conspired in the 2003 split-CD release from Razorback Records, "Dementia Rex." Sadly, Andrew LaBarre would not survive the experience, and was replaced by guitarist/vocalist extraordinaire, Jason Kocol.

2004 saw Impaled catapulted into the limelight when they inked a deal to record for Century Media Records. The kings of screams then coerced one Trey Spruance, of Mr. Bungle and Secret Chiefs 3 fame, to man the helm for the production of the world's sickest concept album, "Death After Life." Over the next two years, the release of the album and another abominable video thrust Impaled further onto the world stage. In addition to touring America and into Mexico with bands such as Disfear, Aborted and Napalm Death, Impaled lay waste to the continent of Europe with Deeds of Flesh and massacred Japan side-by-side with General Surgery.

Now in 2007, ten years since the massacre began, Impaled returns with their most deadly effort to date. Working with Willowtip Records, the release of Impaled's fourth full-length is bound to crush their enemies and give rise to the bloodlust of their fans. Replete with scalpel sharp riffs, blinding speed, and hooks that rip your lips off, "The Last Gasp" is a record you won't survive.