Ingurgitating Oblivion


IO's voyage is bound for progressive, intricate, profound as well as multi-layered sonic shores. The outfit dwells on a profound passion for progressive composition and obscurity. The 2016 release will represent an even more mature and refined level of musical literacy which is due to the laid-back atmosphere in which IO currently record the new material, but first and foremost owing to the sublime personnel involved in IO. There is a new teaser online at including sonic fragments from the brand-new, pre-produced tracks "A mote constitutes what to me is not all and eternally all is nothing" as well as "Amid the offal, abide with me". Current line-up: Florian Engelke (all guitars/vocals) Paul Wielan (drums) Session band members: Lille Gruber (Defeated Sanity) on session drums ( arrrd(XUL) (formerly on bass in Neithan) on bass/vocals/synths ( Jan Ferdinand (formerly on guitars/bass in Gaston) on session solo guitars ( Maren Poelman on vibraphones (