Looking For An Answer


LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER is an old-school Grindcore band formed in Madrid in 1999. From the early Crust beginnings to the more Death Metal influenced days of today, LFAA have always maintained their DIY ethics, misanthropic, anti-specist concepts and always through an extreme underground vision. Throughout their more than 15 year career, LFAA have released 3 full-length albums, several EP's and a couple of split recordings put out by different labels from all over the world, as well as numerous shows, tours and festivals including some of the most recognized in extreme music like Obscene Extreme, Maryland Death Fest and Resurrection Fest. Soon, the band will record its 4th full length album to Willowtip Records. LINE-UP: Santi: vocals – Félix: guitars – Makoko: guitars – Ramón: bass – Moya: drums DISCOGRAPHY: 1999 - Split w/ AGATHOCLES (7” EP) Bad People Records (usa) / Selfish Fucker Records (usa) 2000 - “Looking For An Answer” (CD) Distortion Records (swe) 2001 - Split w/ KONTRAATTAQUE (CD) La Idea (spa) -12" MLP repress on Agipunk Records (ita) as "Biocidio", LFAA tracks only- 2001 - Split con CATHETER (7” EP) Parade Records (spa) 2003 - “Buscando Una Respuesta” (12” MLP & MCD) Throne Records (spa) / Living Dead Society (spa) -12” MLP repress on Trabuc Records (spa) / MCD repress on Bones Brigade Records (fra)- 2004 - Split w/ ZANUSSI (7” EP) Trabuc Records (spa) 2004 - Split w/ COMRADES (7” EP) Power It Up (ger) 2004 - Split w/ OVERPOWERING (7” EP) Power It Up (ger) 2004 - Split w/ IRA ET DECESSUS (12” LP) Power It Up (ger) 2005 - Split w/ CRIPPLE BASTARDS (5” EP) Rescued From Life Records (ita) 2005 -“Split the Suffering - Split the Pain” (split vinyls compilation on CD) Deep Six Records (usa) 2007 - “Extinción” (CD & 12” LP) Living Dead Society (spa) / Under The Knife (spa) / Power It Up (ger) -CD repress on Power It Up (ger)- 2009 - “La Cacería” (7” EP) Relapse Records (usa) 2010 - Split w/ RATOS DE PORAO (10” MLP & MCD) Beat Generation (spa) / Peculio Discos (bra) -10" MLP repress on Six Weeks Records (usa)- 2011 - “Eterno Treblinka” (CD & 12” LP + bonus 7" EP) Relapse Records (usa) / Power It Up (ger) -12" LP repress on Deep Six Records (usa)- 2014 - “Kraken” (12” EP) Living Dead Society (spa)