Malignancy is a Yonkers, NY based death/grind band founded by Danny Nelson and Javier Velez in February of 1992. Early in the band's history the major problem was always members. Originally consisting of Danny Nelson (Vocals), Javier Velez (Guitars) and Kevin Chamberlan (Drums). Malignancy (then going by the name Carcinogen) wrote a few songs but they were missing something important...brutality! After a couple of months the members collectively thought it was time for a change. So due to musical differences, Kevin left and Frank Madaio (Bass) and John Marzan (Drums). All the material was then dissected and all the boring parts were weeded out. During this long process a second guitarist was added, Larry Demlin. Larry did not last, neither did our other recently added guitarist, Tom Dorney. Finally in April of 1993, Malignancy was ready to make their mark in the death metal community.

With the release of their first demo "Eaten Out From Within", recorded at The Crypt in Yonkers, NY. The band began to play shows with the current line-up of Danny, Javier, Frank and John. The first show was played at The Bond Street Café in Manhattan, NY with Altercate the Senses and Saliva. Receiving a good response from the couple of crickets that showed up. The band went on to play more non-memorable shows with hardcore bands. Finally, a real death metal show was played. A club in New Jersey called Studio 1. Cancer and Disincarnate co-headlined the bill and about 5 other bands supported. From there the band stuck with local gigs and played a few shows with fellow locals Deathrune. Due to declining turn outs at shows Malignancy take a break from the scene.

Malignancy's style of writing dramatically changed over the years with many line-up changes. It has become more of a refined band, while still maintaining its raw sound and aggressive nature. All of Malignancy's lyrics are from the demented mind of original member Danny Nelson. Some lyrical content deals with the horror of living with a colostomy bag, being mentally deficient and getting your organs drained out through your penis by a uterine lamprey. Also if you are into fine dining experiences, check out "Fried Afterbirth", a song that is about collecting afterbirth and preparing it for consumption!

After this rather dismal beginning, Malignancy finally got the line-up it needed. A new line-up was formed in 1995 with Danny Nelson still on Vocals, added were Roger J. Beaujard (Drums), Ron Kachnic (Guitar) and Kevin Hughes (Bass). The following year Lance Snyder joined (Guitar) to take on the second guitar chores. Ralph Blanco (Guitar) also shared in the malignant experience for a 1 year period from 1994-1995.

In 1997, a four-song demo entitled "Ignorance Is Bliss" was released. It too received a welcome response. Ultimately the demo that got the band signed to United Guttural Records. There was also a promo CD released through the band with 8 songs (4 from "Ignorance"). Extremely limited because with the recent signing to UG Malignancy didn't want the promo to be circulated too much. At this point the band enlisted Desmond Tollhurst for bass duties. The goal was to release the full-length CD titled "Intrauterine Cannibalism" by the spring of 1999, followed up by summer gigs in the U.S. to support the CD.

Malignancy than went on writing new material for another release on UG. A five song EP "Motivated By Hunger" was unleashed! Containing 5 new tracks plus a live version of "Intrauterine Cannibalism". After a successful United States tour with Mortician and Goatwhore the band was invited by Shindy Productions (Czech Republic) to play the Brutal Assault Fest. Malignancy had an opportunity to also be a part of a split CD with Intervalle Bizzare (Czech). The labels first choice was Devourment from Texas but due to their break-up they could not be on the split. Malignancy then embarked on the task of writing new songs for the release. Two new tracks were written: "Fibroid Embolism" and "Mortality Weakness". Rounding out the release the band decided to rerecord three tracks from "Intrauterine Cannibalism". "Rotten Seed", Post Fetal Depression" and "Profitable Extinction". The reason for this move was lack of time to write and complete new songs. Malignancy also did not like the production on those songs on previous recordings. The split was released in January of 2002 on Shindy with the Malignancy side called "Frailty of the Human Condition".

Later in 2001, the demo CD was complied and released on "Primitive Recordings". It contained the 1993 demo "Eaten Out From Within", 1997 demo "Ignorance Is Bliss" and the 1998 promo CD material.

In May 2002, Malignancy and Godless Truth (Czech) started a mini-tour together. Both bands decided to go out to support their new releases. One stop on the tour was Fuck The Commerce Fest V in Neiden, Germany! The Malignant Truth tour played dates in Belgium, France, London, Czech Republic and Slovakia, with the majority of the dates being in France. After a successful tour with Godless Truth, Malignancy returned to the States to continue writing for a new full-length!

The new MCD entitled "Cross Species Transmutation" is in the recording process. With a total of seven tracks! Song titles like "Ovarian Incubation", "Virulent Contagion" and "Postmortem Perception" should tell you that Malignancy does not intend on holding back on brutality! Slated for a mid 2003 release. This will be the last recording with drummer Roger J. Beaujard. As of late 2002, Roger has parted ways with Malignancy. After a website based search for a replacement, the band chose Mike Heller as the new drummer.

After the release of CST, the task of training Mike to coup with Malignancy's style started. A lot of time went into rehearsing old material to make the transition easier for the band when it came time to write new songs. A 3-song promo CD was put together to show the fans that the band was still active and secure a better label deal. Malignancy was approached by Willowtip Records for a possible signing in late 2005. The pursuit of a better label ended with Willowtip. The deal has been signed and recording will start on Inhuman Grotesqueries in mid-August 2006 at the Carriage House in Connecticut. The new album art will be courtesy of Tony Koehl, and he promises it will be the best piece he has ever created for a CD cover.