Open your eyes... Awaken your senses... Gaze carefully upon a bleak dimension of blastbeats, savage frequencies and shattering vocal expulsions. Enter the domain of Mithras, one of the UK's most uncompromising and extreme bands to date.

Beginning their career in 1998, Leon Macey and Rayner Coss originally took the name Imperator, casting their mold in a world of ancient history and mythology. After releasing a demo titled 'Gods Among Men', Mithras was born with a new demo entitled 'Dreaming In Splendour' which drew the interest of Golden Lake Productions. Crushingly brutal, bombastic and obscure, their punishing debut album 'Forever Advancing... Legions' made tremors in the underground upon its release in 2002. But greater things were still to come.

In 2003 Mithras evolved. Gone was the ancient god-worship of their previous incarnation. In its place stood a fusion of cosmic ambience and pitiless extremity: Second album 'Worlds Beyond The Veil' shattered boundaries, astounded critics, achieved a controversial 10/10 in Terrorizer Magazine, and secured a major deal with Candlelight Records. "Complex, inspired and exploratory this is the kind of boldly cinematic death metal that demands to be relished. This is truly astonishing, world-class music."Dom Lawson, 4/5 Kerrang! Dec 2003

Macey and Coss returned to the studio in 2006 to begin work on their third and most polished effort, 'Behind The Shadows Lie Madness'. Amused by vacant-minded critics, they fell deeper into a self-made universe and continued the concept of their previous albums. 'Behind The Shadows...' leapt from obscurity in April 2007, receiving rapturous praise and critical acclaim. "...another stratospheric masterstroke of extreme-metal transendence... an incontrovertible enrichment to extreme music." Oliver Holm, 5.5/6 Zero Tolerance 2007 "...a mind bending reach towards the inexplicable..." Jonathan Selzer, 8.5/10 Terrorizer 2007 "...this is the work of an uncompromisingly original act... the sort of album that requires a thesis rather than a titchy review to expound upon its many virtues." Tommy Udo, 9/10 Metal Hammer 2007 "Mithras have set the standard for death metal the likes of Nile, Monstrosity and Behemoth will find very challenging to top." Jim Brandon 9.4/10 Metal Review 2007

In 2008, major lineup changes tested the band as co-founding member Rayner Coss departed. Wasting no time, Mithras recruited Sam Bean (The Berzerker / The Senseless) and returned to the live arena with triumphant festival appearances in 2009 and 2010 including Brutal Assault (CZ), Damnation Festival (UK) and Steel Warriors Rebellion (POR). 2011 sees the resurrection of Coss and official news of a fourth album in the works. The as-yet-untitled record will follow on from 'Behind The Shadows Lie Madness' and is due for release in the apocalyptic year of 2012. Rayner comments on his return: "It's good to be back! When I departed in 2008, Leon and I had been playing in bands together non-stop for over 12 years, and for various reasons I was finding it really difficult dedicating the necessary amount of time and attention to Mithras. But, during the near three years I've been away, my situation has changed to the point where I'm able to fully concentrate on the band again. We've gone straight to work on the new record, which Leon already had a lot of ideas down for and so far it's been the easiest writing process we've ever had...”

As ever, the future lies beyond the eyes of man...