Formed in Orange County California in 1990, Phobia has been punishing ears with their murderous sociopolitical grinding noise assault for a full decade.
Dealing out their savage combination of the energy and ideals of hardcore punk mixing it with the power and brutality of early grind, Phobia has shared the stage with a diverse mix of bands over the years such as Chaos U.K, Grave, Napalm Death, Detestation, Neurosis, Deicide, Final Conflict, Corrupted, Assuck, Spazz, Exhumed, Immolation, Disassociate, Darkest Hour, and Mayhem to name a few.
Soon after forming, their demo " What Went Wrong " was recorded, followed by the " All That Remains " 7 inch on Relapse Records, during which time Phobia tore up the O.C. / L.A. scene with the likes of local bands such as Mindrot, Morgion, Dystopia, Confrontation, A//Solution, Glycine Max, Carcinogen, Fear Factory, and Excruciating Terror.
1994 brought the release of the "Return To Desolation" cd/ep and a small west coast tour sharing insanity with Capitalist Casualties, Lack Of Interest, and Christdriver. 1997 brought the union of Slap-A-Ham records and the release of their " Enslaved " 7 inch. Another west coast tour followed, reaching as far as Victoria Canada. Phobia's first full length release " Means Of Existence " on Slap-A-Ham was pressed in 1998, as they embarked on a full U.S. tour.
Througout 1999 a split 7" with Japan's Corrupted on Rhetoric records, as well as a cd/ep entitled " Destroying The Masses " has been released on Pessimiser/Theologian records. 1999 also saw Phobia's long over due first European tour. Embarking for a madning 2 months and almost 50 shows througout the countries of GERMANY, AUSTRIA, SLOVANIA, BELGIUM, HOLLAND, CZECH REPUBLIC, ENGLAND, and SCOTTLAND they tore it up with the likes of Hard To Swallow, John Holmes, State Of Filth, Immolation, Trip Scope, as well as numerous other local grinders.
July 2000 brought a 12 date tour of Japan with local heroes of the underground CORRUPTED. July 2001 the touring continued. This time joining forces with long time friends ANARCHUS and embarking on the "GRINDING OVER AZATLAN" Mexico tour . Shortly after returning from Mexico and with the release of their new album SERENITY THROUGH PAIN (Deathvomit Records) Phobia tore up the US soil once again on the GRIND YOUR FUCKING HEAD IN tour with support from label mates CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN as well as tons of other insane local bands and friends. September 2001, West Coast madness ensued with a two week jaunt up the 5 fwy with metalers and fellow three wheelin fanatics DARKEST HOUR.
2002 Brought yet another US tour in Support of Serenity Through Pain, and the re issue of RETURN TO DESOLATION. Future plans includean upcoming west coast tour with PUNGENT STENCH, a return to Europe in May 2003, and some new releases including a new CD/EP GRIND YOUR FUCKING HEAD IN sure to make even the strongest of ears bleed.