Plague Widow


Black/Death/Grind band based out of Sacramento, California. Formed in the Winter of 2011 // Self Titled EP available now on Buriedinhell Records

"If this band doesn’t make you seriously consider quitting your job to worship death metal 24-7, you’re either unemployed or out of your goddamn mind. Or even worse: Not into metal."
-- CVLT Nation

“A great deal of metal is written about power. Plague Widow’s music suggests not might, but fear. It reminds me that the world is a scary place for everyone, no matter how brightly the sun shines.”
-- Invisible Oranges

"Plague Widow's self-titled EP dominates listeners with every second! This fierce mix of grindcore and brutal death metal with black metal elements sounds like a well-oiled killing machine, pulverizing all in its way."
--- Hails & Horns Magazine // Issue #25

“Plague Widow managed to merge rapidfire, no-bullshit grinding death metal with sinister, blackened passages, a quick and delightful beating of relentless Death/Grind”
--The Living Doorway

“Undeniably one of the more brutal and horrifying EP's in the grind/death metal genre I've heard since Wormed's Quasineutrality. Think Wormed crossed with Portal and you have a disturbing image of what Plague Widow have created here.”
--Equivoke Zine