Sarpanitum are an atmospheric brutal-blackened death-metal band who formed in 2003 playing various shows around the UK including the infamous LONDON DEATHFEST in 2007 on the lead up to their debut album "Despoilment of Origin" which was released on Galactic Records (2007). Despoilment Of Origin" was a eloquently guttural performance of mythological blackened death metal which left only ashes in its wake, rooted in self-acquired lore of Ancient Babylonia, Sumeria and Akkadia and the mythology of that period. Leading up to the launch of the album, Sarpanitum shared stages with INSISION, VISCERAL BLEEDING, DESECRATION, THE MONOLITH DEATH CULT and MACABRE, then earned a slot at the annual NEUROTIC RECORDS DEATHFEST 2006 in Eindhoven, Holland. At this high-profile event for the world’s most prestigious death-metal warlords Sarpanitum played side-by-side with the likes of PSYCROPTIC, INSIDIOUS DECREPANCY, GOREROTTED, ANATA, AVULSED and PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT. Four years on, Sarpanitum have returned with a new self-released E.P "Fidelium" which has been recorded, mixed and mastered by Leon Macey (MITHRAS / ZERO TOLERANCE MAGAZINE CO-FOUNDER/CO-EXECUTIVE). "Fidelium" continues the unstoppable siege of blackened death forged from lyrical themes dealing with the dangers of religious fanaticism using first person perspectives from genuine participants of the First Crusade. In doing so, demonstrating their ability to cohesively meld the brutality and epic cinematic moments which are their trademark. After the release of “Fidelium” , Sarpanitum were aired on “Johnny Doom’s, Temple of Doom” on KERRANG RADIO UK and also played at the ZERO TOLERANCE MAGAZINE WINTERFEST 2011 alongside some of the UK’s rising extreme metal acts including WINTERFYLLETH and BASMENT TORTURE KILLINGS going on to support ULCERATE and SVART CROWN on their European tour 2012.. They also featured on the Zero Tolerance Magazine Cover CD Issue Jan/Feb 2012. After this period of performing live Sarpanitum recorded there upcoming album "Blessed Be My Brothers" with their reinvigorated studio line up including Leon Macey (MITHRAS) on drums to ensure that extreme, fast and inspirational drumming are present on the record. Through this Sarpanitum signed an agreement with Willowtip records to release the upcoming album "Blessed Be My Brothers"