Severed Savior


In 1999, Murray Fitzpatrick, Mike Gilbert, Troy Fullerton, Dusty Boisjolie and Armondo Avolos formed Severed Savior from the ashes of 2 different projects. The goal was to play and create music that was sick, challenging, and brutal. After several months of writing and practicing, we started playing shows here in the bay area and were lucky enough to support for Incantation as well as Disgorge and Deeds of Flesh. Shortly thereafter, Armondo was released of his duties and Murray switched from guitar to bass. In March of 2000, we recorded a 5 song demo titled "Puddle of Gore" with Bart Thurber at House of Faith studios in Oakland, CA. Playing as a 4 piece with Murray now owning on bass, the band continued to play shows locally and to write music. At this time the set list consisted of such lovely titles as Fecalpheliac, Bury the Whore, Molesting the Dead, Fuck the Humans, Deadspeak, Puddle of Gore and of course Steel Toe Abortion. In June, 2001, we recruited former Deeds of Flesh / Impaled guitarist Jared Deaver and planned on recording our 2 newest songs along with one written with Jared as a 3 song EP to be released along with our previous 5 song demo as bonus tracks. The EP titled "Forced to Bleed" was recorded in August, 2001 at J-Lab studios in Daly City, CA. Shortly after the recording and mixing, Mike Gilbert left the band, and Jared recruited a friend of the band named Rob Lumbre. Forced to Bleed was released on Disfigured Records on November 24th, 2001. Upon its Release, Severed Savior was signed to Unique leader Records. Unfortunately Rob passed away in a car accident just a couple months later on Jan 5th, 2002. Devastated, the band carried on. Jason Kramer was added as 2nd guitarist for a brief period, but was then released. August, 2002, began the recording of the band's first full length cd titled "Brutality is Law", at Digit Sound in San Pablo, CA. Brutality is Law was released on Unique Leader Records in the USA March 24th, 2003 and World wid in April 2003. Shortly after the release of "Brutality is Law", Jared left the band and Mike Gilbert returned to his rightful place. In November and December 2003, the band toured the US and Canada on Bloodletting North America IV with label mates Gorgasm, Pyaemia and Spawn of Possesion. Severed Savior crushed North America again in July, 2004 with Cannibal Corpse and The Black Dahlia Murder. Their forthcoming full-length, Servile Insurrection, will be released later in 2008.