Vulgar Pigeons


Hailing from the West Bay Area (San Francisco), Vulgar Pigeons was conceived with one common goal in mind: sheer brutality without compromising originality. Initially formed in 1998, Vulgar Pigeons immediately began writing material.

Vulgar Pigeons released their first self-titled 7"in the fall of 1999 on Nonsense Records. This release made a definite mark and got the whole underground scene buzzing about this new contender on the grind scene, Vulgar Pigeons. To solidify the 7" and the bands presence, Vulgar Pigeons played countless shows around the area with the likes of Impaled, Exhumed, Dillinger Escape Plan, Benumb, and so on.

Wasting no time, Vulgar Pigeons went right back into the studio to record their second 7", Genetic Predisposition. This would be released on Howling Bull on both 7" and CD formats (The CD containing the first 7", bonus unreleased tracks, and a live set from radio station KZSU). Along with the new Genetic Predisposition release Vulgar Pigeons appeared on a 625 Records compilation entitled Barbaric Thrash Detonation. Supporting these releases Vulgar Pigeons played at the 2000 November to Dismember in San Bernadino, Ca. and toured the Pacific Northwest with label mates, Yellow MachineGun.

Quickly thereafter, Vulgar Pigeons signed to Death Vomit Records, the death/grind imprint of Necropolis Records. Poised to wield sonic mass destruction on the masses with their uncompromising brutal yet catchy hybrid of death metal, grindcore, thrash, and hardcore. Vulgar Pigeons have left their mark on Necropolis and the grind scene worldwide as they appeared on the Carcass tribute CD: Requiems of Revulsion, and their first full-length album, Summary Execution which was released in the fall of 2001.

The rest of 2001 and 2002 Vulgar Pigeons was busy in support of the highly praised Summary Execution and also going through a line up change in order to solidify the sound that Vulgar Pigeons started out to achieve in the first place. Once Dave Leyva joined the flock, Vulgar Pigeons hit the road with Cattle Decapitation running a string of dates up and down the west coast.

With a new and much stronger line up intact, Vulgar Pigeons began working on ideas for what would be the follow up to Summary Execution. The now out of business Necropolis had left Vulgar Pigeons looking for a new home and what turned out to be would one of the best moves in the band's career. Imperialism was released on Williowtip Records in 2004 and turned out to be the strongest effort from Vulgar Pigeons thus far, 14 tracks encompassing every aspect of the metal genre.

Currently Vulgar Pigeons is working on and compiling new material for their next full-length release, which will be their sophomore release on Willowtip Records in late 2005/early 2006, and will once again top their previous efforts. In the meanwhile Deepsend Records will be releasing Burning Episode, a 3" CD.