son of sulphur

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Crowpath sharpens their knives and continues their blazing path of aural destruction with their sophomore album, Son Of Sulphur. Sacrificing none of the jagged technicality of their debut, Red On Chrome, the band has evolved into a versatile machine that seamlessly marries the grating, trainwreck chaos factor of modern death and grind with lumbering doom metal contractions that inhale the clouds and melt your kneecaps. Son Of Sulphur emphasizes Crowpath's enthusiasm for dynamic musical growth without compromising their abrasive intensity or scab-coated attraction to perverse complexity.

Crowpath - Son Of Sulphur
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Track List

1. Candles And Kerosene
2. The Will To Burn MP3
3. Chased, Caught, And Charged MP3
4. Pigeonsmasher
5. Children Of Boredom
6. Self-Destructive Pessimist
7. Seed Of Arson
8. Picked Clean
9. The Lychanthrope
10. Scabcoated Attraction
11. Lights Out, Left For Dead
12. End In Water