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If you want to hear slithery, arthritis-inducing riffs and spirally, harmony-rich arpeggios that truly rape the Rubix cube, Neurotripsicks from France's Gorod is your culprit. This North American release includes two brand new songs recorded specifically for Willowtip. This is extremely technical death metal at its absolute finest.

Gorod - Neurotripsicks
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Track List

1. Intro/Gorod Rises Up MP3
2. Gutting Job MP3
3. Smoked Skulls
4. Hunt To The Weaks MP3
5. Beware Of Tramps
6. Pig's Bloated Face
7. Rusted Nails Attack
8. Harmony In Torture
9. Earth Pus
10. Neuronal Disorder State
11. Gorod
12. Submission Transfer