misconception of hope

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INFANTICIDE is back to add another gem to the Swedish Grindcore crown.  Misconception Of Hope is 18 minutes of pure savage grindcore.  The patented Entombed buzz-saw guitar tone is there, with d-beat and blast-beats keeping the pace on the back end.  Another solid, genre-defining album from Infanticide.

Infanticide - Misconception Of Hope
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Track List

1. Trial And Error
2. T.O.I.L.
3. Utopia Landfill
4. End Result
5. W.M.D.
6. Hallucinagenda
7. Downturn
8. 99 Percent Uncertainty
9. Final Unrest
10. Lacking Relevance
11. Nice Try
12. Monokrom Vardag
13. Perversity Excursion
14. 75
15. .44 Caliber Salvation
16. Religious Indoctrination
17. Barely Breathing
18. Opening Sky
19. Family Annihilator