enthusiastic corruption of the common good

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Surging and swelling like a teenage brain tumor going through puberty, alchemetalists Kalibas rise out from the entangling clutches of Rochester's gutter and infects the listening public with their most eccentric yet mature musical statement to date, Enthusiastic Corruption Of The Common Good. Flirting equally with puncturing pirate melody and caustic discordance over the course of the EP's five songs, twin guitars nurture a tremendously technical and distinct spirographic style of stress-addled riffery set to boggle and toggle the controls for the heart of the sun. Featuring an updated lineup, Kalibas has shed the more overt and haphazard "grind" influence apparent on their first full-length, Product Of Hard Living, in favor of superimposed layering and orchestrated maze-like mantras of melody --- techniques which have more in common with recent Gorguts and labelmates Rune as opposed to the gamut of one-dimensional death/grind acts polluting unenlightened eardrums. These five "lessons" seem to romantically crawl down the back of one's neck and settle at the base of the skull, expanding and contracting like an undecided erection patiently waiting to discharge its payload. Enthusiastic Corruption Of The Common Good is a zigzagging showcase of Bermuda triangle mysticism and clown juggling dexterity laughing in your ears, reminding you of the boisterous tickle of shimmering dolphin squeals or of toy soldiers burrowing in your brain matter, obtrusively poking and prodding with their lead bayonets. Integrated, organized, starry-eyed, and misty care of Tinkerbell's sprinkles of pixie dust, the brazen Kalibas have become a clover-leafed magic metal band able to transcend any of the restrictive trappings of extreme music's subgenres, consequently setting them head and shoulders above their contemporaries.


Kalibas - Enthusiastic Corruption Of The Common Good
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Track List

1. Isolate The Paranoia
2. From Ivory Towers Above The Control Grid
3. No Food Or Water Without It MP3
4. Murder Of High Ranking Extropians
5. Trilateral Preternatural Domination Through World Bank Control