trilateral progression

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Montreal, Canada's Neuraxis remain as progressive and vital as ever with their brand new full length, Trilateral Progression. Since Truth Beyond, the band's songwriting has matured to the point of Atheist-like complexity while maintaining a triumphant melodic edge that baffles and lays waste to most of their contemporaries. Recorded with Yannick St. Amand (Ion Dissonance, Despised Icon, Martyr), mixed by Jason Suecof (Capharnaum, Trivium, God Forbid, Cannae) and mastered by Scott Hull (Nile, Pig Destroyer), Trilateral Progression stands tall as an articulate model for challenging technical death/thrash metal that rejects commercial trends and successfully balances a majestic sense of melody with go-for-the-throat aggression. In stores September 13, shipping to preorders mid/late August.

Neuraxis - Trilateral Progression
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Track List

1. Introspect
2. Clarity MP3
3. Thought Adjuster
4. Shatter The Wisdom MP3
5. Monitoring The Mind
6. A Curative Struggle
7. Chamber Of Guardians
8. Caricature
9. Axioms
10. The Apex