cryptic implosion

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After a previously released full length on Unique Leader Records, touring the US with elite death metal acts, and being heralded as one of the genre's biggest up-and-coming bands, ODIOUS MORTEM return with their new album and Willowtip debut, Cryptic Implosion. Pummeling, extremely technical, and vicious, Cryptic Implosion is an album that will take the scene by storm and establish the band as one of the best technical death metal bands in the world.

Odious Mortem - Cryptic Implosion
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Track List

1. Fragmented Oblivion MP3
2. The Endless Regression Of Mind MP3
3. Dysmorphic Avulsion
4. Vile Progeny
5. Conjoint Species
6. Nux Vomica
7. Gestation Of Worms
8. Subcortical Desiccation
9. Domain Of The Eternal Paradox
10. Collapse Of Recreation (Featuring Ron Jarzombek)