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You thought Rotten Sound couldn't top their genre-defining Murderworks album? Think again, and think fast. After the freight-train coming off rails that is Exit has ran over you and your sorry preconceptions about just how far grindcore (or extreme metal for that matter) can be taken, you might not be able to put a sentence together. Legends like Extreme Noise Terror and Napalm Death have paved the way for bands like Rotten Sound. With the release of Exit, there should be no doubt who will be leading the next generation! A modern day grindcore classic that will be extremely hard to top.

Rotten Sound - Exit
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Track List

1. Exit
2. Burden MP3
3. Sell Your Soul
4. V.S.A.
5. Follow
6. Maggots
7. Slave
8. Mass Suicide
9. Soil
10. Fail And Fall
11. Greed
12. Slay
13. Western Cancer MP3
14. Nation
15. Havoc
16. Traitor
17. Xxi
18. Running Weak