the cosmic cornucopia

3xCD Digipak - Digipack set $22.00


Behold! The age of the slug is upon you. After consulting the lords of Slish, UK based experimental death metal duo Slugdge have decreed that the testament of Mollusca shall be known once again, and have returned with resplendent trinkets from the abysses beyond space and slime. Bathe in the lurid repugnance that is Mollusca and purchase the physical manifestation of his word; the Cosmic Cornucopia! Comprised of the highly lauded “Dim And Slimeridden Kingdoms”, “Gastronomicon” and “Born Of Slime” as a 3 disc digipack set. Journey through the decrepitude of Slugdge's first three years, translating the terrible portents of the netherslugs who permeate the fabric of our very reality, and spare yourself total metaphysical annihilation at the slimy feelers of our new gastropod overlords. Wrap your dry, desiccated cadavers in slime imbued fineries, and attempt to achieve transcendental levels of repulsiveness, while simultaneously showing your devotion to the lord of all reality. Praise Mollusca.

Slugdge - The Cosmic Cornucopia
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