of fracture and failure

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Ulcerate's debut full-length 'Of Fracture and Failure' is available now for the first time in North America through the Willowtip/Neurotic records partnership. The album comprises 9 tracks of crushing dark death metal, with more than a few surprises in store. The culmination of 2 years of writing, 'Of Fracture...' brings new meaning to the phrase 'linear song-writing', mixing pure rhythmic and dissonant extremity with an unnerving sense of melody and atmosphere...

Ulcerate - Of Fracture And Failure
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Track List

1. Praise And Negation
2. Ad Naeseam
3. The Mask Of The Satyr
4. Becoming The Lycanthrope MP3
5. To Fell Goliath
6. Martyr Of The Soil MP3
7. Failure
8. The Coming Of Genocide
9. Defaeco