remnants revived

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Remnants Revived contains the entire Remnants Of Deprivation debut (completely remastered), plus bonus cover tracks, and one remake.  A great look at the band in the early stages of its career. Contains bonus tracks and bonus video cdrom material.

Visceral Bleeding - Remnants Revived
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Track List

1. Spreader Of Decease (Burn The Bitch) MP3
2. Carved Down To The Bone MP3
3. Gasping...
4. Remnants Of Deprivation
5. State Of Putrefaction
6. To Disgrace Condemned
7. Time To Retaliate
8. Butcher Knife Impalement
9. Exposive Surgery
10. Dreaming In Red (Dismember cover)
11. Carved Down To The Bone (remake)
12. Stripped, Raped, and Strangled (Cannibal Corpse cover)