erased from the memory of man

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The killing machine is back ! Boston's Watchmaker return with their brand new full length Erased From the Memory of Man. Ultra pissed , insanely violent and brutal, this is the bands most focused and lethal release to date. Includes a large 12 panel foldout booklet/poster with amazing artwork courtesy of vocalist Brian Livoti. Recorded at the famed New Alliance studios.

Watchmaker - Erased From The Memory Of Man
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Track List

1. Dawn Of Indifference/Nuked To Ashes MP3
2. Oncrushing Advance
3. Conquering A Dead Planet
4. Irrevocable Change MP3
5. Scaffold Of Deception
6. Gunpoint Stoicism
7. Bonepile Of False Assumptions
8. Relentless Post Mortem Killing
9. Therapeutic Dirt Nap
10. Mourning Breath
11. Failing Upwards MP3
12. Infidelity's Eyestabbing Unease
13. Swept From All Existence
14. Lice Crawling Humanity
15. Inescapable Melancholy
16. Visiting Plague/Blood Freezing Violence