Abysmal Torment


*The Birth Of Abysmal Torment (2000-2002)* Rising out of the island of Malta, Abysmal Torment emerged as a violent death metal bullet destined to spread ear crushing brutality. Abysmal Torment hit the stage for the first time in 2002.Musically Abysmal Torment relies on speed stimulated tempos, breakdowns, technical riffing and a dual assault of varying gurgling vocals. A glance at the lyrical content illustrates that there is no ordinary gory mentality at work here and the knowledgeable treatment of the subject matters add more depth to the Abysmal Torment mix. *Incised Wound Suicide // Signed to Brutal Bands (US) (2002-2005)* With a burning ambition to spread their music to a wider audience Abysmal Torment hit Temple Studios for the first time in 2004 to record their debut MCD entitled INSICED WOUND SUICIDE, consisting of five “drum kit mashing, guitar shredding, vocal chord wrecking ultra fucking brutal death metal” tracks. This proved to be a new fresh start for Abysmal Torment as they started building up a positive reputation world wide, receiving many encouraging reviews and nothing less than a 3 year album deal with underground label Brutal Bands (US). Their first release under Brutal Bands was the re-release of Incised Wound Suicide. *Epoch Of Methodic Carnage // Conquering New Territories Overseas (2005-2007)* The band had been writing new material since the recording of their MCD and 2005 proved to be no exception but another hard-working year for the band as they came up with 10 brand new tracks which were recorded at Temple Studios (Malta) together with producer/engineer David Vella. This 45 minute assault of aural butchery was to be the bands first full length album entitled EPOCH OF METHODIC CARNAGE, featuring artwork from extremely talented Tony Koehl. The album was released through Brutal Bands in February 2006. This was to be distributed through all major labels in Europe, US and the rest of the world destined to take the band to the next level. Summer 2006 was a huge disappointment for Abysmal Torment as they were forced to cancel a full blown American tour w/BENEATH THE MASSACRE, NEURAXIS and VICTIMAS plus well know festivals such as THE GATHERING OF THE SICK and CENTRAL ILLINOIS METAL FEST. Rather than slowing down the band, the band wasted no time, and got back to their workshop working on more material. In August 2007 Abysmal Torment started to conquer new territories with their music heading to Italy for the SOUTH EXTREEM NOISE FESTIVAL and later invaded Europe with a 23 date tour in nothing less than 12 COUNTRIES together with Sanatorium, exposing the band to many new fans and headlining fests such as the LUDWIGSHAFEN DEATHFEST, SLOVAK DEATHFEST and LUZERN DEATHFEST. A short while after this tour Abysmal Torment flew to Holland to headline yet another deathfest, the DRACHTEN DEATHFEST. *Omnicide // European Tour (2008-2010)* With loads of material ready, the band recorded their 3rd and highly anticipated album, OMNICIDE, this time at SpineSplitter Studios Malta plus appearing in a number of european shows and also headlining the HELLVETIA FESTIVAL in Switzerland. Omnicide was then released and distributed world wide under Brutal Bands in April 2009. The band then embarked on a second european Tour in 2009 supporting the release of Omnicide together with Insidious Decrepancy and Cerebral Bore. During this period Abysmal Torment have played some of their best shows to date at the NRW DEATHFEST in Germany with Sinister and Ghoul, MEH SUFF metal-fest in Switzerland together with BELPHEGOR and DEBAUCHERY and the WAY OF DARKNESS festival in Germany, together with death metal juggernauts such as CANNIBAL CORPSE, VADER, MARDUK, DYING FETUS and MALEVOLENT CREATION. In 2010 the band also performed at various European Festivals namely, the renowned OPEN AIR DEATHFEAST in Hunxe, Germany and NEUROTIC DEATHFEST in Holland in 2010. On 17th August 2010, Abysmal Torment recieved the worst news possible when former drummer Wayne Vella died in an accident at his place of work. He was featured on all three Abysmal Torment releases and will always be remembered for being one of the most talented musicians from the island of Malta. The band immediately issued a statement on their official pages confirming the tragedy: Today is a sad day for us all. Unfortunately we have lost our brother Wayne Vella (Drummer in Abysmal Torment from 2001–2008) who had just turned 25 .He will be remembered by us as a great friend & excellent drummer. We will never forget the great times we shared together & all the awesome experiences. May he rest in peace... & hope he is in a better place. Condolences to all his loved ones! MUCH RESPECT, ABYSMAL TORMENT' *2011-Present* Abysmal Torment took various touring opportunities for 2011 and will be headlining two tours; Butchers on the Road Tour in Russia with shows in nothing less than 9 Cities and one in Europe - Supreme Tyrant In Europe Tour. The band has also prepared enough material to release another album and will be focused to do so in 2011. Gordon Formosa, who had been with the band for 10 years decided to step down of his position. The band reacted; aiming to form the strongest line up Abysmal Torment has ever produced, and at that point recruited Melchior Borg on Vocals and a second guitarist Kurt Pace. The last edition of Mountains of Death in Switzerland, The first edition of Malta Death Fest and one of the most renowned metalfests in Europe - The Way Of Darkness will all feature Abysmal Torment in 2011. Until then the band will continue to spread this extreme music and continue to pummel all horizons. *Discography* * Incised Wound Suicide (mini-CD, Self Released, 2004) * Incised Wound Suicide (mini-CD, Brutal Bands (re-issue), 2004) * Epoch of Methodic Carnage (CD, Brutal Bands, 2006) * Omnicide (CD, Brutal Bands, 2009)