NEURAXIS was formed in 1994 in Montreal, Canada.
Having released 3 albums, Neuraxis forged a unique
identity combining sheer brutality with a melodic and
progressive edge. Imagery(1997) showcased their early
death/grind approach. A Passage Into Forlorn(2001)
introduced a more melodic and progressive side of
extreme metal. And with Truth Beyond…(2002), Neuraxis
raised the bar with a dizzying amount of brutality,
melody and technicality. All 3 albums were released in
Canada(Galy Rec), USA(Willowtip Rec) and
Europe(Earache Rec). Several tours throughout Canada,
USA and Europe were completed and established Neuraxis
as jaw dropping live act.

2005, Neuraxis remain as progressive and vital as ever
with their brand new full length, Trilateral
Progression. Since Truth Beyond, the band's
songwriting has matured to the point of Atheist-like
complexity while maintaining a triumphant melodic edge
that baffles and lays waste to most of their
contemporaries. Trilateral Progression(Willowtip Rec)
stands tall as an articulate model for challenging
technical death metal that rejects commercial trends
and successfully balances a majestic sense of melody
with go-for-the-throat aggression. 2005-2006 will be
spent touring in support of Trilateral Progression.
Prepare yourself for the nerve shattering pulse of